Highlands of Seminole Neighborhood Association

Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

What is the ACC?

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is the approval authority for the provisions of the covenants. The committee consists of 3 members elected by the Board of Directors as set forth in the bylaws of the Neighborhood Association.

When the Highlands of Seminole was subdivided, covenants or agreements were recorded with the plat of subdivision. These are provisions set by the developer that regulate the following:

  • Types of homes that can be built

  • Location of homes within the lot structure

  • Material that can be used in construction.

The plat covenants also regulate ongoing appearance and maintenance of the homes and lots. The covenants also apply to additions and improvements that you may make to your home or lot. 

The HSNA Board has approved ACC standards for various structures to facilitate change, review and approval. They can be downloaded by clicking on this link: ACC Standards (Adobe pdf document).

If you are contemplating any changes to the buildings, landscaping, fences, walls, or other improvements on your lot, you must obtain approval from the ACC prior to construction. Failure to obtain approval may require that you restore your lot to its previous condition (e.g. removal of fences, etc.)


ACC Application Forms

An application must be completed and approved by the ACC if you wish to make any changes to the buildings, landscaping, fences, walls, or other improvements on your lot. Please download and complete either version of the form:

To ensure that you can properly fill out the form, please make sure to save the document prior to filling it out. After you have saved the form, then locate it on your computer so it will open in it's native application (Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word).



Please feel welcome to contact the ACC chairperson, Bruce Sweeny, with questions or to submit an Approval Application and plans.

Additional ACC Resources

Mailboxes and Posts

The HSNA Covenant requires standard paint colors for mailbox posts & lettering. The colors are on file at Sherwin Williams, and the color for the posts is “canoe”. The green paint for the lettering & post stripe is a designer mix. Homeowners can purchase paint directly from Sherwin Williams (under Highlands of Seminole file). There is also a limited supply of paint available from Linda Brewer, linda.brewer@highlandsofseminole.org

Mailbox Replacement:

  • Mailboxes can be purchased for $165 from HSNA or from Still River Design (please visit their site for pricing)

  • The mailbox arm and paper box with house number blasted in the arm can be purchased from Jeff Solner.

The Neighborhood Association cannot speak to the quality or reputability of this contact, but we offer this information for neighbors to use if they wish.

Satellite Dishes and Antennas

The Highlands of Seminole covenants, recorded in 1994, include the following provision related to satellite dishes and antennas: No visible exterior antennas, windmills or satellite dishes in excess of twenty inches in diameter shall be permitted on any lot. Satellite dishes of twenty (20) inches or less shall be permitted only on the back of a building in the most unobtrusive location as approved in writing by the ACC. 

However, in October, 1996, FCC Rule 47 C.F.R. Section 1.4000 preempted much of the ability of associations to regulate antennas and dishes less than one meter (39.37") in diameter. The rule prohibits regulatory restrictions that impair the installation, maintenance or use of antennas used to receive video programming. The rule prohibits most restrictions that: unreasonably delay or prevent installation, maintenance or use; unreasonably increase the cost of installation, maintenance or use; or preclude reception of an acceptable quality signal. 

Given the severe restrictions imposed by the FCC rule, the Highlands of Seminole Neighborhood Association will not attempt to enforce covenant restrictions on satellite dishes one meter or less in diameter except for cases where the installation poses a safety hazard, the installation is on a high mast, or in other situations that would be clearly within our ability to regulate under FCC rule.

Covenant Change Re: Common Areas

In May, 2014, we asked every lot owner to approve an amendment authorizing a covenant change relating to the property along PD between Longford Terrace and Chapel Valley Road. The change relieved the neighborhood association from the obligation to maintain the property north of the fence along Highway PD. Sufficient approvals were obtained to make the change, so it was recorded and became effective on 5/06/14. A notice of the 11th amendment change was mailed to all neighbors in June, 2014. Download copies of the following here: