Highlands of Seminole Neighborhood Association

HSNA Annual Dues Online Payment

Please add the Annual Dues payment year to your cart. Please keep in mind that each past due year carries an annual 18% charge.

HSNA Annual Homeowner Dues Online Payment System

HSNA Annual Homeowner Dues can be paid online via PayPal.

Don't have a PayPal account? No worries. Sign up here for free. It's easy and you can link bank accounts, debit or credit cards.

  • Please select from the Annual Due(s) that you would like to pay below.

  • Locate and provide the last 4 digits of your invoice number.

  • Complete purchase process through your PayPal account.

Please note there is a $3 fee for paying online, and each past due year carries an 18% interest fee (i.e. $18 per year past due). For example, past due 2017 HSNA dues are $100 + $18 + $18 +$3 = $139). 

Please contact info@highlandsofseminole.org if you have any questions.

Are you a TITLE COMPANY looking for annual dues payment status? Please complete the following form and submit to Inthava Hall.