Highlands of Seminole Neighborhood Association

Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

What is the ACC?

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is the approval authority for the provisions Article III of the Covenants, which establishes requirements regarding any external changes/modifications to private Lots. As well, the ACC oversees the processes described in Articles IV and V of the Covenants; these articles govern any new construction and requirements for maintenance of private Lots. You are encouraged to download and/or print a copy of the Covenants.

The Committee consists of 3 members elected by the Board of Directors as set forth in the BYLAWS of the Neighborhood Association.

When the Highlands of Seminole was subdivided, covenants or agreements were recorded with the plat of each subdivision. These regulate the following:

  • Types of homes that can be built

  • Location of homes within the lot structure

  • Material that can be used in construction.

The Covenants also regulate ongoing appearance and maintenance of the homes and lots. The Covenants also apply to additions and improvements that you may make to your home or lot. 

The HSNA Board has approved standards for various structures, including: mailboxes and posts, fences, play structures, exterior lighting, satellite dishes, roofs, solar panels, and landscaping, to facilitate change, review and approval. They can be downloaded by clicking on this link:: ACC Exterior Property Guidelines (Adobe pdf document).

If you are contemplating any changes to the buildings, landscaping, fences, walls, or other improvements on your lot, you must obtain approval from the ACC prior to construction or implementation of exterior property changes. Failure to obtain approval may require that you restore your lot to its previous condition (e.g. removal of fences, etc.)


ACC Forms

For new principal structures (e. g., house, swimming pool ) on a Lot, download and complete the Architectural Review Form (PDF).

For above new structures and/or for changes or additions to existing property features, such as play sets, fences, decks, patios, house siding, roofing, minor landscaping, trees, building addition, outbuilding, drainage, etc., download the following form: Application for Approval Exterior Property Changes (PDF)

Please make sure to save the document to your computer's hard drive prior to filling it out. The most efficient method of submission of the applicable form(s) and descriptive support documents is to attach them to an email and send to the ACC Chairperson.



Please feel welcome to contact the ACC chairperson, Bruce Sweeny, with questions or for any clarification.

Additional ACC Resources

Mailboxes and Posts

The HSNA Covenant requires standard paint colors for mailbox posts & lettering. These . periodically need a fresh coat of paint. The colors are on file at Sherwin Williams, and the color for the posts is “canoe”. The green paint for the lettering & post stripe is a designer mix. Homeowners can purchase paint directly from Sherwin Williams (under Highlands of Seminole file), or can opt to borrow from a paint supply provided by HSNA. Contact Linda Brewer, linda.brewer@highlandsofseminole.org to arrange pick up of paint. See the ACC Exterior Property Guidelines for a complete description of mailbox requirements.

Mailbox Replacement:

  • Mailboxes can be purchased for $165 from HSNA or ordered directly from Still River Design (please visit their site for pricing)

  • The mailbox arm and paper box with house number blasted in the arm can be purchased from Jeff Solner.

The Neighborhood Association cannot speak to the quality or reputability of this contact, but we offer this information for neighbors to use if they wish.